Step 1: Keyword Tracking

We start our process by creating a baseline for website performance.  One of the best ways to judge organic website performance is by keyword monitoring.  We start with a discussion about the keywords that are important for your website and industry as well as doing additional research.  Many people have keywords established and manually monitor their ranking position on popular search engines for these keywords.  At Signal 47, we believe in setting up the keywords and then automating the process using monitoring software.  This way, more time can be spent analyzing the data and less time creating the data.

Step 2: Website Audit

A full website audit is then performed.  Each page is analyzed for with key ranking factors in mind, including Meta Title, Meta Description, H1 tag, images, image title, alt image description, keyword density, page url name, internal links, external links and more.  We also look at page load time, number of navigation clicks to arrive at the page, domain authority, page authority and have an on page scoring tool as well. In all, there are over 200 factors that attribute to how a keyword will rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Step 3: Content Review

The third step of our audit process at Signal 47 is a review of your website content.  The search engines are looking for relevant, readable content that matches phrases which are actively searched.  Your customers are looking for information about products or services ranging from product manuals to spare parts lists, diagrams, etc.  Often times websites can benefit from adding resources such as frequently asked questions, a learning or resource center, how-to videos, etc. We also consider what resources your competitors are using and how that material is ranking.  We will provide a suggested course of action to not only rank higher but also provide relevant content for your customers.

Step 4: Social Media

While social media may not be a favorite topic for many business owners, the fact is that it is a very inexpensive way to get a message out to a large audience.  The problem many companies are faced with is growing your fan base, followers, group members, etc. as well as trying to push content out in several different formats for different social media channels.  As a part of our Signal 47 audit process, we analyze which social media channels your company belongs to and make suggestions as far as adding others such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.  We will also look at whether a Youtube channel or blog make sense for your organization.